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Dave Dawson

This Guy

My passion for design, information architecture and web standards, drives me to help make the web a nicer looking and better functioning place. I have the unique ability to take a step back from a project and focus on what the user’s needs are. I am able to stay relaxed and creative under pressure while having the ability to take constructive criticism.

My ideal job is at a place that takes the time to think about the user's needs during a project. I am hoping to start my career off right and be able to learn from the best.

My ultimate goal is to eventually be able to combine my enthusiasm for new experiences with my passion for design and to learn from and be influenced by exposure to as many different cultures as possible.

I am just finishing up an Information Architecture internship at Arnold Worldwide in Boston and ready to start my next adventure!

I can usually be found riding around Cambridge, snapping pictures with my Nikon.

This Site

I attended An Event Apart Boston in June, 2009 as a winner of the educational scholarship. It was an unbelievable conference with many great speakers and attendees. I took a ton of notes and handed out a lot of business cards.

One of the speakers at the event was Andy Clarke. In his presentation: Walls Come Tumbling Down, Andy suggested that web designers were "lacking balls" when it came to designing fluid-layout sites.

I was just about to embark on redesigning my own portfolio site for my upcoming graduation portfolio show, and took this as a challenge. I designed this site to be flexible and look great on all screens; from the iPhone, to the 24" iMac monitor and everything in between.

Dave Dawson NYC

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